Choosing the right color for your interior is quite a challenge. There are so many colors you like, but eventually you only need a couple off colors for your interior painting idea.
Before you finalized and choose the color scheme, you have to complete the whole interior painting idea first. Wallpaper, fabrics and accessories has to be finalized before the color scheme.
Take all the fabric, carpet, tile, wall paper sample etc when you go shopping for easy reference.
Look all the colors carefully, and always revert back to the big picture of your interior painting idea. Choose the colors if those colors are still in the direction you’re headed.
Consider which paint finish might be best for your interior painting idea. Matte or flat finishes hide wall imperfections, but glossier finishes will reflect more light.
There are warm color (orange, red, pink, etc) and cool color (blues, greens, violet, etc). This type of color can help you to select the right tone for your interior painting idea
It is always good to make a note behind the color cards, the name of the store where you picked it up. Sometimes you find the perfect color, but you can’t remember where you got the sample.
Check the paint sample under natural light to make sure this is the right color for your interior painting idea. But the best is, take it to the room where you will use it along with the fabrics and the accessories.
Light colors are usually most pleasing for a ceiling, because ceilings are seen in shadow. If you’d like the ceiling to match the wall color, buy ceiling paint one or two shades lighter than the wall color (on its color chip). Or, dilute your wall color with white paint in a ratio of 25% color to 75% white.
You might need a few days to getting used to your new room color that came from your interior painting idea. Sometimes, new color can look out of place in an empty room. Put some furniture, fabric and finalized with your accessories. You will surprised to see your new room color harmonizes with other room elements