Besides helping you to perform your job done easily, interior lighting in your home can also set up your mood. Different lighting design can create cozy feeling, dramatic look, highlight the artwork etc. You can start to consider what kind of activities & the mood you want to achieve before you plan the lighting design for your home interiors.
I have some example for the type of exterior and interior lighting that might be able to help you create your lighting design idea, for instance, the chandeliers. Chandeliers provide a focal point in the décor of your living room area and are functional as well.
Another type of interior lighting is vanity lighting. You have to be careful when placing the vanity lighting. Lighting above the mirror should be centered over the sink to prevent shadowing on your face. When mounting fixtures on either side of the mirror, mount them no further than 30 inches apart to avoid shadows and approximately 65-70 inches above the floor.
Outdoor lighting is able to enhance the character of your home. It also can help to create safety and security. Choose the correct size fixture for the scale of your home by visualizing how the fixture will appear from the street. If the fixture size is too small, the presence of your home will reduce. Choosing the right type of lighting fixture for your interior lighting is also important. For example, if you want a cozy feeling inside your bedroom, I suggest you to use the indirect lighting on your ceiling.


Try to re-layout your new house but don’t have any idea what to do? I have some tips that might be able help you to redo your home interiors.

First step, I will suggest you to create a focal point in your living room. For instance, you can place a Javanese cabinet and accessories the shelves with your family photos, books, candles or everything you love in it. This will attract your new neighbor’s attention and open up a small conversation about your home interiors with you from there J

When your new house has not so big rooms but you want to give spacious feeling in your home interiors, I suggest you to paint the ceiling with bright color. But, if one of your rooms is too big and you want to downsize it, give some accent by mounting a faux beam to the ceiling.

Look for other stable pieces of furniture for your home interiors and place it in front of your sofa other than the standard coffee table. Try ottomans, a large chest, a chess set on a display or stack old suitcases on top of each other to create an instant lamp table or a small coffee table. 

You want to have in expensive curtain rod for your home interiors? Try to use odd things for rods. For example: golf clubs, broom stick or anything that can support your curtain.   

 Look for unusual items to collected together and mount in a shadow box. It can become a very good conversation piece.  Just use 3-5 items for that really custom and surprising decor.

Hopefully, these tips can instantly useful for your new home interiors. Have fun! J