The smaller the space the more challenging it is to find a furniture and accessory arrangement that is functional and eye appealing at the same time. These are tough issues for those living in small spaces, apartments, dorm rooms or condos. If you live in a small space long enough, you’ll undoubted acquire more things which need to be stored somewhere.

Here are some tips for storage solutions that can help you out if you live in an apartment, dorm, condo or other type of small space.
When you are cramped for space, you need to make use of every inch of space, both horizontally and vertically. Ideally, putting in some floor to ceiling shelf units would solve a lot of storage problems, but that might not be workable in your budget. But there are many things you can do to create storage space, yet keep the room decorative. One solution is to buy or make decorative boxes in all shapes and sizes. They are colorful, creative and inexpensive and they can hide all the functional things you need access to that are not visually appealing.

Consider purchasing some stackable tables. You can condense them to the size of the largest table when not in use. But when you need an extra table, just pull one out and use it then put it back. These are a great, functional addition to any small space.

You can also add stackable etageres. Go up the wall. Break them apart. They are very flexible and give you lots of inexpensive ways to increase your storage. They are decorative and come in lot of different styles and colors. These are just some of the secrets interior designers use when tackling a small space, an apartment or condo, a dorm room or any other small room.

As for furniture arranging and accessory display, these are two of the more complicated aspects of interior design. They are more complex due to the space configuration of rooms (particularly small spaces), the necessary traffic patterns, the way the room is used, the colors, the sizes and types of furniture, the architectural elements that may or may not be present. And these are just a few of the things one needs to take into account. These are the secrets, tips and tricks interior designers, decorators and consultants use over and over again to create those spectacular rooms you’ve seen in decorating books and magazines.