The word interior decorating always comes to my mind when I entered someone’s living room. It reflects the owner’s personality whether they are a formal or an easy going person.
Generally, there’s two type of living room. For some people, living room is only used when there’s a guest visit their home. And others also use it as a place for comfortable family gathering.
Historically, interior decorating for a living room is often symmetrical. A big sofa with painting above it and two end tables with lamps, classic drapery for windows treatment, pairs of chairs and tables follow the traditional rules of interior decorating.
These days, interior decorating style has evolved to a less formal look. It has a comfort furniture and simple windows treatment. There’s fewer traditional interior decorating rules and it became more colorful. It can use as a place to watch TV and sometimes for a casual eating place as well.
Eventually, whatever your interior decorating style is, whether it’s a formal or casual living room, all the furniture, colors, drapery and all that, should reflect your taste and something you love.